OJ Simpson's Ex Says He Was Obsessed With Nicole

INSIDE EDITION spoke exclusively to Christie Prody, the ex-girlfriend of OJ Simpson who says he was obsessed with his slain wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.

Was OJ Simpson obsessed with his dead ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson?

Simpson's ex-girlfriend Christie Prody tells INSIDE EDITION that he talked about his murdered ex-wife each and every day during their 12 year long relationship.  

She said, "It was very hard to deal with that every day. Comparing me to Nicole. Nicole did this. Nicole did that. You should do this. I think he did snap. I think he was obsessed with Nicole, like the 12 years I was with him, he was still obsessed with her, talking about her."

She says Simpson actually tried to make her look more like Nicole. When she first met Simpson, she was a natural brunette, but he encouraged her to dye her hair blond, just like Nicole.  

"He would constantly try to fix my hair, like if we were going out and part it over to a certain side and comb it down and he would make comments like, 'This is how Nicole wore her hair.' I mean I got so sick of it," she said.  

Christie ended up looking like a dead ringer for Simpson’s ex-wife.

It's like a real life Vertigo, the classic Alfred Hitchcock film where the Jimmy Stewart character tries to make his new girlfriend look like his dead one.

Christie was just 21 when she met 46-year-old Simpson.

She said, "I was young and he tried to shape me, mold me, into what he wanted."

She says Simpson actually started threatening her, and she came to fear that she might suffer the same fate as Nicole.

 "He would say things to me like, 'You'd better watch out so something bad doesn't happen to you like Nicole,'" she said.