Tornado Leaves Grim Scene Behind in Oklahoma

INSIDE EDITION reports from the scene of devastation in Moore, Oklahoma following the massive tornado that ripped through the town.

It's a grim scene in Moore, Oklahoma, today.

Families picking through the rubble of what were once their homes. Volunteers removing an ocean of glass and debris.

All over town, cars are now just wrecks. Hundreds of houses are now empty shells.

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INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret reporting from the scene witnessed a strip mall that took a direct hit. Some parts of the building have literally been wiped out. Then, there's another part that's fine, and another part that's completely destroyed.

You can see complete destruction on one end and then you have a plate of candy in the same restaurant virtually untouched.

The unfortunate residents look like refugees from a war zone. Where once children played, now, only wreckage and an eerie silence. Silence, that is, until Mother Nature changes her mind.

Volunteers are now flooding into Moore from all over.  A large rescue and recovery effort is underway. One team was deployed from Texas that arrived overnight.

And everywhere, they are confronted by epic scenes in the town blown away by nature's fury.