Miracle Dog Found Alive On TV After Deadly Tornado

Overwhelmed by the devastaing loss of her home, a woman shares her grief with a reporter on live TV when a miracle happened. INSDIE EDITION has more.

Barbara Garcia has lost everything. Gone, too, is her beloved puppy, Bazzy.

She was holding the Schnauzer in her arms when the tornado blew her home to smithereens.

Garcia recalled, "I know he's in here somewhere."

You can hear it in her voice. She had little hope the dog had made it, and then, in the midst of all this destruction, a little miracle.

"The dog! The dog! Hi puppy." A CBS news producer who was interviewing Barbara saw her puppy!

"Oh Bazzy." Garcia exclaimed.

Bazzy was trapped under the rubble. Just his little face was poking out.

Garcia continued, "Oh Bazzy, bless your little bitty heart."

He was a little dazed but alive. Bazzy shook it off. He was good as new. Grateful, Barbara was helped away. All that she owns is gone now, except for Bazzy,  the Schnauzer that would not die.