Teenager Says John Mark Karr Wants to be a Woman to Get Close to Little Girls

A teenager who was once friends with John Mark Karr is now worried because his whereabouts are unknown and she says he is trying to track her down. INSIDE EDITION has details.

"I want people to know what he's capable of," says Samantha Spiegel, the teenager living in fear because she says John Mark Karr is trying to track her down.
And, she says, the man infamous for falsely claiming he killed JonBenet Ramsey has become a woman...so that he can get close to little girls!

"That's part of the reason why he wants to change his appearance," she tells INSIDE EDITION.

INSIDE EDITION first showed you the remarkable photo of John Mark Karr from his Facebook page as he now looks. He has legally changed his name to Alexis Valoran Reich and is living as a woman.  

Samantha Spiegel says she first met Karr when she was just nine years old and he was a substitute teacher at her private school in San Francisco, California.

They reconnected over video chats and e-mails, and now, she claims in court papers, Karr has become totally obsessed with her.

"Well he didn't want me talking to males of any sort. E-mails constantly, I mean back and forth, and if I don't respond quickly enough, I get five more angry e-mails saying, 'Where'd you go, where'd you go?' "

When Spiegel tried to end the long-distance friendship, she says the e-mails turned threatening.

"If I find you have been deceiving me, I will kill you and laugh as you die," he allegedly wrote her in April.

And "If you cost me my little girls, I will hunt you down and kill you."  

Spiegel has obtained a temporary restraining order but there's one problem...no one can find Karr. He was last seen at a women's homeless shelter in Seattle. Attorney Robin Sax is representing Spiegel.

"John Mark Karr is definitely dangerous. I feel he could actually carry out some of the threats he's made," Sax tells INSIDE EDITION.

On the surface, Karr may seem mild-mannered and feminine. But he also can show a darker side.

INSIDE EDITION obtained an audio clip of Karr talking about his former fiancée, Brooke Simmons. On the tape he says:

"She's going to tell the whole [expletive deleted] world that I'm a pedophile because I've admitted it to her. I've got to eradicate that rat out of my life 'cause that's what she [expletive deleted] is! I am the most evil, wicked, dark force that you have ever met in your life."

Spiegel says as long as Karr's whereabouts are unknown, she's worried.

If you have seen John Mark Karr or have information about his whereabouts, please contact INSIDE EDITION at tips@insideedition.com.