Citizens Capture Horrifying Video Of Oklahoma Tornadoes

As tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma, storm chasers set out to report on the tragedy. INSIDE EDITION has more on the citizens who were face-to-face with the devastation.

This is what it was like to witness hell.

The disaster was videotaped by scores of citizen reporters. As they record the massive storm, Iowa Storm Chasers report, “Extremely large, dangerous, mile wide tornado right over Oklahoma City. Please pray for these folks. “

The noise from the tornado was deafening.

Storm chasers pulled over and could only watch in horror. You can hear them capturing the storm, saying, “I've never heard a roar like that. We need to go! We need to go!”

Another group of storm chasers suddenly found themselves dangerously close to the twister, reporting, “We're being showered with debris, large pieces of debris coming in on the car now.”

One family huddled in their storm shelter as they recorded the chaos. After what seemed like an eternity, the tornado passed.

It shattered the windshield of the storm chasers, who captured the first tragic images of the devastation. You can hear the devastation in their voices,  saying “Houses are completely leveled. It’s unrecognizable. This doesn’t even look like it was ever a development. My God, guys.”

One man emerges from his shelter only to discover everything he had is gone. With one look around he says, "The lord giveth, and the lord taketh away."