Taking Shelter From Oklahoma Tornado

Moore, Oklahoma, residents took cover from the tornado anywhere they could, including a bank vault. INSIDE EDITION reports from the scene.

Sixteen minutes. You had ony 16 minutes to find shelter from the killer tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

A terrified woman recorded a chilling video diary as she sought safety inside her pitch-black storm shelter.

"I can hear it coming!  I'm so (blank) scared right now! Oh God, please pass, please pass, please pass."

Deanna Schofield could see the tornado roaring above her through the air vent. 

On the video, Schofield said, "It looks like a bomb went off. Oh my god, I hope my kids are ok. Please let me have a house!"
Nancy Davis rode out the tornado in an underground shelter with her family. INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret got a look inside, reporting that it's a 5' x 7' room. People describe the sounds as a freight train roaring by.  A metal door is the only thing separating the people inside from the damage up above.

When they finally opened the door after the storm, they saw the massive destruction.

Desperate people ran into any shelter they could find—even a bank vault. It was the only thing left standing in the twisted rubble of the Tinker Federal Credit Union. Photos show bank employees and customers exiting the vault moments after the tornado passed. They didn't have a scratch on them. 

INSIDE EDITION spoke via Skype to Dena Clark, a bank customer saved by the vault.

Clark said, "When we started to feel the pressure, the bank manager, who, in my opinion is a hero, she and a couple of other people in the vault held the door closed the entire time."

Amid the rubble of one man's home, he found just one thing. It was a DVD of the movie Twister.