Jodi Arias Keeps Media Attention On Her

Jodi Arias continues to talk to the media after delcaring that she wants a second shot at freedom. INSIDE EDITION reports on what the woman convicted of murder has to say.

Jodi Arias said, “If I get life, I deserve to have a second shot at freedom someday.”

Arias just won't stop talking. She talked for hour after hour to reporters. The Today Show, Good Morning America, local stations in Phoenix and AP Television.

The media blitz followed her bizarre show and tell performance before the jury, which included holding up a T-Shirt she designed to raise money for victims of domestic violence.

That moment is outraging TV host Nancy Grace.

On Good Morning America, Grace said, “If she had said I’m sorry. God forgive me. Instead she said, ‘Please spare my life so I can sell T-shirts?’

Her most combative interview was with Good Morning America. She was asked about that makeover from blonde bombshell to mousy librarian.

“Was that a defense strategy? Was that your idea? What was that? “

Arias responded, “No, they don't sell Clairol hair dye in jail so this is my natural hair color.”

She had a few choice words for ABC reporter Ryan Owens when she said, “I didn't know you were a hater when you came to interview me. “

Arias continued the war of words on Twitter Wednesday when she tweeted, “Never trust a reporter who has a nice smile."