Soldier Murdered With Machete In London Street

A soldier was brutally murdered by two men with a machete in broad daylight on the streets of London. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Fury on the streets as protesters vent their rage over the savage murder of an unarmed soldier.

Demonstrators clashed with police shortly after the airing of an appalling video, in which one of the murderers—his hands soaked in blood—calmy explained why they have just decapitated the innocent victim.

"We must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," said on of the killers.

We've now learned the identity of the soldier they ambushed. Twenty-five-year-old army drummer Lee Rigby. The fresh-faced father had survived combat in Afghanistan, only to lose his life in the most savage way on the streets of London.

The brave woman who confronted the killers is being hailed a hero today.

In an interview, Kennett said, "I look at him and I saw he had a revolver and a butcher's knife."

And Kennett wasn't the only heroine at the murder scene. While she was confronting one killer, two more women were facing down the other attacker.

The vicious attack happened in broad daylight when the two Islamic terrorists ambushed the off-duty soldier outside his barracks.

The victim was wearing a T-shirt for the charity organization Help For Heroes. Prince Harry is a big supporters of the group, which helps wounded service personnel. A photo of Harry wearing a Help For Heroes wristband appeared on the group's website.

One killer, identified as Michael Adebolajo strolled over to horrified witnesses and calmly explained why they had done it.

"I apologize that women had to witness this today. But in our land, our women have to see the same," exclaimed Adebolajo.

One lady with a shopping cart wandered by oblivious to what was happening. The killer walked back to his accomplice, who was standing near their victim's body.

Both attackers were shot by police, but are now in the hospital recovering.

The demonstrators aren't the only ones outraged by the crime. The Daily Express newspaper calls them "Terror Fanatics."

The London Daily Mail says, "Blood on his hands, hatred in his eyes."

It's a crime that's shocking the world.