Man Bites Dog To Save His Wife From Attack

When a dog attacked his wife, Laine Henry leapt into action and bit the dog to save his wife Caren. INSIDE EDITION discuss the terrifying event with the couple.

A newlywed from Des Moines, Iowa, is reliving a nightmare. Two weeks ago, her nose was bitten off in a vicious dog attack.
She said, “There was so much blood, it was horrible.”

Caren Henry was walking her dog, Candy, when suddenly they were mauled by a Labrador Boxer who had run out from a nearby home.

A 911 call captured the attack.

Caller: “I came out front the lady was in a ditch. The lady was bleeding pretty badly.”

Her husband, Laine, who was down the street, couldn't believe what he saw.

He said, “This whole side of her nose was gone and I said, ‘Oh my God.

Laine rushed to his wife, fighting to pull the dog away. Nothing worked until he took an unbelievable step.

He said, “I thought hell he's bit me, he bit my wife, I may as well bite him.”

Laine actually bit the dog's nose and that unusual move may have saved his wife's life.

He said, “Right over the bridge of his nose, I bit and he just slowly opened his mouth and started to back up.”

Her injuries were gruesome after the mauling. Her face was covered in blood and much of her nose is missing.

Caren still has the bloody clothes from the day of the attack. She credits her sunglasses to being the one thing that may have saved her from more harm.

The 50 pound dog named Buddy was quarantined at a local animal shelter. INSIDE EDITION tried to speak to Buddy's owners, but they refused to comment. Instead, they had a friend speak on their behalf and defend the dog.

Their friend told INSIDE EDITION, "If Buddy had bit her nose, which I don't think he did, he is a big dog, he would have done more than take half her nose."

Caren had two reconstructive surgeries. Today she returns to Mercy Medical Center to find out if it was a success. Her doctor removed her bandage and she takes a look in the mirror. Her surgeon actually cut cartilage from ear and used it to rebuild her nose.    

Incredibly her nose looks great.

She said, “It's amazing. I have a nose.”

If you would like to donate to a fund for Caren's medical bills, send checks payable to:

Laine & Caren Henry 

City State Bank

105 E 2nd Street

Madrid, IA 50156

(515) 795-3807