Haunting Home Video Of Susan Powell Emerges

INSIDE EDITION has obtained haunting home videos of missing Utah mom Susan Powell just months before she disappeared.

Just released home video of missing Utah mom Susan Powell has surfaced. She made the video just five months before she disappeared. It's as if she knew something bad was about to happen.
In the video she said, “Covering all my bases making sure that if something happens to me or our family our assets will be documented.”

The video was released as police officially closed the case of the tragic missing mom. Her body has never been found. They've always believed that her husband Josh was involved but were never able to prove it.

Last year, Josh killed the couple's two young boys and then took his own life in a horrific murder suicide.

Susan talks about his violent temper in her video. She said, “Josh got in a rage and broke this and threw all my DVD’s around because he was very angry with me about a year or two back.”

Cops also released Susan’s Will, in it another premonition. Susan wrote, Have been having extreme marital stress for about three or four years now."

Another preminition of the evil coming her way, she wrote, "If I die, it may not be an accident. Even if it may look like one."

In the video, one of her beloved boys is in the background as she takes a tour of their home. She ends the video with these haunting words, “Hopefully everything works out and we all live happily ever after, as much as that's possible.”