High School Senior Gets Prom Date Wish With Nina Agdal

Jake Davidson became an internet sensation when he made a video asking supermodel Kate Upton to his prom. When Upton couldn't make it, INSIDE EDITION hooked him up with the beautiful Nina Agdal.

"I'm ecstatic. It’s going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity!" said Jake Davidson.

Davidson is the poster boy for bold and brash behavior. First, this brainy high school senior from L.A. made a video asking supermodel Kate Upton to be his date on  prom night. The video went viral, and Kate was tickled pink!

Upton actually tweeted, "How could I turn down that video? I’ll check my schedule."

Kate did check her work schedule, and found she had to say no to Davidson.

“Obviously, I was a little bit sad when Kate said she couldn't come." Davidson said.

End of story? No way! Because we taught this 17-year-old with the perfect S.A.T. scores something they don't teach in school: When one supermodel turns you down, ask another.

That’s right. We felt bad for Davidson, so we set him up with red hot supermodel Nina Agdal, who wowed the world in that sexy Carl's Jr. Super Bowl commercial.

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Davidson said, “I was pretty speechless.”

But he regained the power of speech in time to go along with our plan and ask Nina to his prom and she accepted!

Agdal exclaimed, "I’m excited!"

The 21-year-old Danish-born beauty has never been to a prom!  We were with her as she shopped for just the right prom dress .

After looking at one, Agdal said, “This might be more of a diner dress with your boyfriend."

Finally, she spoted a chartreuse gown and said, “I think this might be the dress I’m going to get. I feel like a goddess!"

Davidson and Agdal are meeting tonight for the first time as they go to the prom.They do have one thing in common.

In his prom video to Upton, Davidson said “I can't dance at all!"

Meanwhile, Agdal said, “I’m not really a dancer. I'm normally the girl in the corner, not dancing."

Well, it's a start! We joined Jake as he picked out the perfect tuxedo for his dream prom date.

Davidson said, “She'd be a fifteen on a scale of one to ten! Greatest looking prom date of all time!"

"I don't know if it's going to be romantic with me and Jake. I think it's more of a friendly thing.” Agdal said

And there's always a hiccup when an older woman dates a younger man as Davidson explained in his video to Agdal. “ We can ride around all night long, til' eleven. That’s my curfew."

 So, how will Jake and Nina’s prom date go? Stay tuned!