Boy Genius Wins National Geography Bee

Sathwik Karnik won the National Geography Bee and INSIDE EDITION tested him on his vast knowledge of planet Earth.

He's the boy genius who just won the National Geographic Bee.

How tough was it? This was the final question posed by moderator, Alex Trebek.

"Because Earth bulges at the Equator, the point that is farthest from Earth's center is the summit of a peak in Ecuador. Name this peak."

"Chimborazo," answered 12-year-old Sathwik Karnik.

"Correct," announced Trebek.

Karnik, from Plainville, Massachusetts won a $25,000 college scholarship, a trip to the Galapagos Islands, and a lifetime membership in the National Geographic Society.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd caught up with Sathwik at our studio in New York City, and just had to test out the boy's geography skills.

Boyd said, "All right Sathwik, are you ready for the INSIDE EDITION geography challenge?"


"Where is Tuktoyaktuk located?"

"In Canada," answered Sathwik.

"Do you know the province or territory?" asked Boyd.

"Yeah, it's in northwest territories."

"Correct," Boyd confirmed.

Boyd asked, "What is the world's smallest city state by geographical area and population?"

Karnik quickly answered, "Vatican City."

"Correct. How many states are there in Mexico?"

"Thirty-one," Sathwick answered.

"Correct," Boyd confirmed.

Listening to him is enough to make just about anyone feel clueless.

Boyd told Sathwik, "You got pretty much got every question on our list and I would not have know any of these. Congratulations!"