Tips On Getting Every Last Drop From Your Makeup

Money saving expert, Andrea Woroch, shows INSIDE EDITION some thrifty tricks on how to get every last drop from your makeup.

We waste up to 25% of our lip gloss, mascara and foundation simply because we can't get it out of the bottle!

Money saving expert, Andrea Woroch, showed INSIDE EDITION'S Diane McInerney some tips that could save you hundreds of dollars!

When mascara dries out, simply add a little contact lens solution to bring it back to life.

Woroch said, "Smush it around but don't actually take it out. Put in in and kind of go back and forth without actually taking it out, because if you take it in and out, you'll actually press air in there which will dry it out."

A mini spatula will help you get every last drop from a bottle of foundation.

"It makes it so easy to get to those last few drops out of your foundation bottle. You can just apply it right from the spatula right to your face." Woroch said

McInerney said, "That's something most women would throw in the thrash!"

Woroch agreed, saying "They would just throw it away, run out and by another bottle. Foundation is expensive!"

With lip gloss, drop the tube into a mug of hot water. The lip gloss trapped inside will melt.

Now just pour it into a clean container, let it cool and voila!  It’s ready to use.

And here's a quick fix for that broken lipstick you were about to throw away.. You can actually repair it using a hair dryer.

Woroch said, “When it starts melting, it acts like glue. And then all you have to do is place the broken piece of lipstick on top."

Then place it in the freezer for half an hour and it's fixed!

Woroch said, "Before you throw that product or bottle away, take a second look. You want to get every last drop out. It's going to save you a lot of money over time. "