What Was The President Really Like In High School?

INSIDE EDITION spoke to a high school friend of President Obama's to find out what he really was like when he was coming-of-age.

INSIDE EDITION is  learning more about President Obama’s just-discovered prom photo from the girl in the picture he once called "foxy.”

INSIDE EDITION’s Diane McInerney asked Kelli Allman, “Did you have a crush on him and did the president have a crush on you?”

She said, “I think we just clicked. We just clicked from the first time we met.”

Kelli Allman is the pretty redhead in the photo that the 17-year-old future president has his arm around on prom night in Hawaii in 1979.

She said, “Whenever we got together it was a lot of laughs. Barack was always the most comical one, so I was always laughing my head off.”

McInerney asked, “What was the president considered in high school? Was he popular?  Was he considered a nerd?”

She said, “He was not a nerd, but he was a good student.”

McInerney asked, “Were there a lot of girls who had a crush on him?”

“He was tall, really good looking,” she said.

McInerney had to ask about the admitting in his 1995 memoir "Dreams of My Father" that he smoked pot in high school.

Allman said, “Growing up in Hawaii in the 70’s, marijuana was all over the place.”

McInerney asked, “Did you ever see him smoke pot?”

Allman was coy and said, “Do I have to answer that?”

She was going steady with the future president's best friend Greg Orme, but Barry Obama, as he was known then, clearly had his eye on her, writing in her high school yearbook, "you are extremely sweet and foxy.  Love, Barry Obama."

McInerney asked, “When you read those comments how did you react?”

“I knew he was fond of me and I was fond of him.  We had great conversations together and really good vibes between us,” she said.

But Obama’s prom date was Megan Hughes, a blonde knockout who attended an all-girls private high school. Allman met Hughes for the first time on prom night.

She said, “She was beautiful and very sexy, and I just remember thinking, "Wow, I’ve got some competition!"

McInerney asked, “Were they lovey-dovey?”

She said, “They were just having fun, I don't remember anything smoochie-smoochie, just having fun.”  

She never saw Hughes again after prom night. She kept the photos for 34 years. Now, at the peak of prom season 2013, she is releasing them to share with the world the prom night she'll never forget.

She said, “I wanted to do it around prom time so that other kids could see what the president looked like at his prom.”