Prom Night For Nina Agdal and Lucky Teen

INSIDE EDITION followed supermodel Nina Agdal on her prom date with teen Jake Davidson who got his model wish for the big night.

Bold words from a brash 17-year-old as he awaited the arrival of his prom date, supermodel Nina Agdal, "I'm ready to meet Nina!"

But once he actually set eyes on the long-legged beauty, it was a whole other story.

She asked, "Give me a hug! You look adorable! Am I good enough? You look so handsome!"

If Jake Davidson seemed dazed and confused, it's because this young Romeo has been through an incredible saga. First, he asked supermodel Kate Upton to be his prom date in a now famous viral video.Kate actually responded to Jake, saying she was sorry she couldn't make it.

Then, INSIDE EDITION stepped in, setting Jake up with the supermodel that wowed the world in that unforgettable super bowl ad for Carl’s Jr.

Jake introduced his dazzling date to his parents, needless to say, she was a big hit. His mother jokingly said, “Nina's a doll, so down to Earth. She is terrific. Too bad she's so ugly!"

In keeping with prom traditions, Jake put a corsage on her wrist, and Nina pinned a flower to Jake’s jacket.

They were off to a pre-prom party. All eyes were on Jake and Nina as they made the rounds at the Beverly Hills bash.

Nina had no problem posing for pictures. She said, "That's what I do for a living."

And one of Jake’s buddies issued this verdict, "Jake has the best-looking date!"

Then, they got some bad news, turns out school rules forbid prom dates over the age of 21and Nina is 21. While Jake’s classmates danced the night away under a full moon at a beachside establishment, Jake and Nina shared a private dance outside.

She said, "How do you slow dance? You're a bad dancer too, that's why we can be friends."

A magical ending to a night this young man won't soon forget.

He said, "Thank you INSIDE EDITION, I had a phenomenal night!"