J.C. Penney Teapot Billboard Looks Like Hitler

A J.C. Penney billboard is causing some motorists to stop and stare over a tea kettle that has a bizarre resemblance to Adolf Hitler.

It looked like just another billboard for department store giant J.C. Penney, but some say the tea kettle pictured on the ad looks like Nazi monster Adolf Hitler!

Ridiculous, we know.

The thick part of the handle is being compared to Hitler's signature hairstyle. Some people say the knob is like the Hitler mustache and the spout seems to be making the Nazi salute.

The billboard near Los Angeles is causing a furor. Once you see the face of Hitler in the tea kettle it's almost impossible to stop. And the location of the billboard is also causing outrage. It’s literally just yards away from the entrance to a Jewish cemetery.

We saw drivers pulling over to take photos of the billboard. 

One motorist said, "When you point it out, it's like okay, I can see it. But I think it was a coincidence."

Another onlooker recalled, "I drove by before, it looked like some kind of possible face but I was thinking more like a penguin or some cuddly thing."

The so called "Hitler tea kettle" became an internet sensation after photos were posted on the website reddit.

The kettle was designed by Michael Graves, one of America’s most celebrated architects and product designers.

Graves designed an iconic kettle in 1984 which has sold millions worldwide. Now he's come out with a new kettle design but due to a bizarre optical illusion, it looks like trouble he never anticipated,
is brewing.