New Scandal For Rutgers University Athletic Department

Rutgers University faces more scandal as former players of the newly appointed athletic director is says she abused them, just as the former Rutgers men's basketball coach did. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Who could have thought a nearly 20-year-old wedding video could get somebody into big trouble?

But Julie Hermann, the newly-appointed athletic director at Rutgers University in New Jersey, finds herself in serious hot water because she denied the video even existed.

“There is no video, trust me,” Hermann said just two weeks ago at a press conference when she was introduced as the new athletic director.

Yet, much to her surprise, the video is out.

So what's the  big deal?

The wedding video was shot in 1994 when Julie Hermann was volleyball coach at the University of Tennessee. On the video you can hear her allegedly warning the bride, who was her assistant coach, not to get pregnant.  

She said, “We don't want you to come back in February with any surprises, you know, in the office and all. It would be hard to have a baby in there.”

The "February surprise" she spoke about is a baby.

Ginger Hineline, the bride did in fact become pregnant, and she was fired. She later won a $150,000 lawsuit against the University.

Hermann is now facing withering charges that she lied and that she abused players as a college coach. 11 women who played volleyball at Tennessee claim she called them "whores, alcoholics and learning disabled"and was out-of-control."

Hermann is defending herself saying, "I’m absolutely an intense coach, as many coaches are.  But there's a big canyon between super intense and abuse, and this was not an abusive environment for these women."  

Ironically, Hermann was hired to repair the damage from the Mike Rice scandal, the Rutgers basketball coach was fired after he was caught-on-tape abusing players in practice.

Now, a new scandal over an old wedding video is rocking Rutgers once again.