Jason Lee's Ex Says He's Obsessed with Scientology

Actor Jason Lee's ex-wife says he was so obsessed with Scientology that it ruined their marriage. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Actor Jason Lee has built a career playing nice guys. He was a lovable goofball on the sitcom, My Name Is Earl and starred in the movie Alvin And The Chipmunks.

But his ex-wife Carmen Llwellyn-Lee says the actor is obsessed with Scientology, and that their marriage ended when she became disillusioned with the controversial church.

"Every fiber in my being was saying no, no, no," said Carmen.

The couple married in 1995 and Carmen soon found herself hanging out with Tom Cruise and his then wife Nicole Kidman, who Carmen says, was apparently not a fan of Scientology.

Carmen said, "He said 'me and Nic, we're Scientologists too' and she just looked at him. And I knew immediately there's something going on here."

The more she learned about Scientology, Carmen says, the more she resisted it's teaching. She says she became what Scientologists call a 'suppressive person' or 'S.P.' Tom Cruise ridiculed SPs in a Scientology video that was posted online.

Without warning, Carmen says her husband of six years abruptly told her their marriage was over.

"He comes home, he says, 'I'm divorcing you. Get out.' "

She says she was ostracized and that even her manager, a Scientologist, dumped her.

"I got a letter from her saying I'm not in your life anymore. I'm gone. I don't represent you and by the way, I called your agent and she doesn't represent you either," said Carmen.

Carmen says it was clear if she wasn't a devoted Scientologist, her marriage to Jason Lee was over.

Referring to Jason Lee's stand on their relationship, Carmen said, "It became apparent. If you're not into Scientology, we do not exist."

Nicole Kidman's representative told INSIDE EDITION that Kidman was never a Scientologist and has always been a Catholic.