Wedding Party Falls Into Lake During Photo Session

After video of an entire wedding party falling into a lake during a photo shoot went viral, INSIDE EDITION spoke to the newlyweds who are laughing off their big mishap.

It's the wedding video making a huge splash.

Patricia and Frank Fearon had greeted their wedding guests for the first time as man and wife. It was time for photos of the wedding party and what's more scenic than a dock on a lake outside Gainesville, Georgia. But the wedding party was 29-people strong, and the creaky old dock couldn't take all that weight. The wedding party, including the bride were soaked.

INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander Skyped with the newlyweds, who are honeymooning in Chile.

Patricia said, "Before you know it, snap! We were falling in the water and Frank was very quick on the dock and was pulling me out."

The bride and groom managed to lunge for a more secure dock, so only the bottom of Patricia’s gown plunged into water. Once she's pulled to her feet, she can be seen asking how everyone was.

Frank said, "My groomsman cut his hand on a rusty piece of the dock, so he had a few stitches put into it and a tetanus shot. Our friend Suzy actually broke her humerus."

Patricia said, "So, they went to the emergency room and thankfully nothing serious. They were really good sports about it."

What could they all do but laugh it off?

Groomsmen dumped water out of their shoes, and bridesmaid's borrowed suit jackets to warm up, or covered up with towels.

Meanwhile, the bride and groom found time for romance, right in the middle of the chaos. They were so good-natured about the disaster, they posed in life jackets.

Alexander said, "This is captured on tape, you can show your kids this is what happened and see the moment in action. That is pretty cool."

Patricia said, "We would have remembered the day forever anyway, but now it has a new twist. It is a lot of fun."

It's not the first watery wedding wipeout caught on video. You may recall one wedding party went under while posing on a dock near Grand Rapids, Michigan, and that bride was in water up to her neck.

Newlyweds, making a big slash on their wedding day and maybe showing us all that a sense of humor can get you through good times and wet times.