Who Left Lipstick On President Obama's Collar?

President Obama made jokes about the lipstick marks that were left on his collar that didn't come from the first lady. INSIDE EDITION reveals who the culprit was.

Was that really lipstick on President Obama’s collar?

He said, “I want to thank everybody who's here for the incredible warmth of the reception. A sign of the warmth is the lipstick on my collar.”

That's right, just like the classic Connie Francis song.

The president joked about the lipstick stain on his collar at a White House reception celebrating Asian-American and Pacific Islander heritage month.

He said, “I have to say, I know the culprit. Where’s Jessica Sanchez?”

That's right, he pointed out Jessica Sanchez, 2012 runner-up on American Idol. However, it wasn't Jessica, it was her aunt.  

He pointed out, “Where's she? Auntie, right there, looks at this, look at this. I want everyone to witness.”

But hang on, Mr. President. We're now learning it wasn't Jessica’s auntie who did the deed. It was her grandmother Virgie who accompanied her to the White House.

Jessica tweeted, “Oh my gosh my grandma made it to the news. Haha...”

The president said, “I do not want to be in trouble with Michelle, that's why I’m calling you out.”

Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann says she won't run for another term in Congress in 2014.  

She said, “I will not seek a fifth congressional term.”

Bachmann made the surprise announcement on her website. Bachmann, a Tea Party favorite, ran unsuccessfully last year for the Republican presidential nomination.

She said, "After serious consideration, I am confident this is the right decision."

Bachmann's announcement was serious political news, but Washington is still buzzing about lipstick on the president's collar.