Does This Photo Prove There Is Life On Mars?

A photo of what looks like a lizard hanging out on the surface of Mars is circulating the internet.  Is this finally evidence of alien life? INSIDE EDITION has more.

A breathtaking image shows the barren, rocky surface of the planet Mars, but does it also reveal a living creature on the red planet?

A sharp-eyed science whiz from Japan just spotted it on a photo taken from NASA’s Curiosity rover.

So, is this the answer to the age-old debate about life on Mars? The internet is buzzing with opinions.

"Cool! Awesome discovery!" Exclaims one enthused believer.

But a skeptic is pooh-poohing the Martian lizard, claiming.  "That's a rock! No oxygen, and temperatures colder than Amanda Bynes' career. I don't think so."

The planet Mars has long been a subject of wonder in our popular culture.

Actor Ray Walston portrayed a friendly Martian visitor in the popular TV show My Favorite Martian back in the sixties.

The Martians were not friendly in Mars Attacks.

And the films Independence Day and War of the Worlds carried that same message about life from other planets: It's not to be trusted!

But let's not get carried away, here. This guy's just a little lizard. Or is he?