Wedding Season Gets Creative

This year's wedding season brings high tech proposals and CGI photos into the mix. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Run for your lives! A T-Rex is crashing the wedding!

This just might be the coolest wedding picture ever. A huge dinosaur is chasing the wedding party and they sure look terrified!

Wedding photographer Quinn Miller wanted to scare up some unique pictures at Katie Young and James Lowder's wedding.

"I just said run at me. There's a pretend dinosaur behind you, you've just got to sell it," Miller said.

And they really got into it. The bride hiked up her wedding gown as she high-tailed it outta there. A very realistic and truly awesome wedding portrait!

Love is in the air across America this wedding season. Taesha Benson, after donating one of her kidneys to her boyfriend Travis Spire Sweet, was honored for her selfless gift at last night's Kansas City Royals baseball game.

But her boyfriend had an even bigger surprise. As Taesha joined him on the pitchers mound he assumed the position and got down on one knee in front of the packed stadium.
And here's the perfect wedding proposal for our high-tech age:

Los Angeles businessman Curt Buthman proposed on Twitter! He sent a video proposal to his girlfriend Marsha Collier with this tweet:

"I Love you #willyoumarryme??"

And she responded, with a tweet of course:

"Um, uh, yes - I will marry you!"

"I was totally blown away," Collier said. "When I saw the tweet, it was pretty darn cool."