Billy Graham's Son Says IRS Targeted Ministry

The son of famed TV evangelist Billy Graham tells INSIDE EDITION he feels the IRS targeted their ministry.

The son of famed evangelist Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, says the IRS targeted their ministry for audits because of their opposition to President Obama.    

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"We were scratching our heads because we knew something was up," Franklin said.

He says two of Billy Graham's organizations were told they were being audited in letters both dated the same day: September 6, 2012. 

Billy Graham, now 94, has had the ear of every president dating back to the Truman administration.

But Franklin Graham says his father's ad campaign opposing same-sex marriage last year may have triggered the IRS audits.

"They have already admitted doing this to political groups. I think they have been doing this to religious groups as well," Franklin stated.

The Obama administration is being rocked by revelations that the IRS targeted Tea Party and conservative groups.

"It's inexcusable. Americans have a right to be angry about it. I am angry about it," President Obama said.

The President condemned the audits, but senior IRS official Lois Lerner took the fifth in front of a congressional committee investigating the scandal.

"I have been advised by my counsel to assert my constitutional right not to testify," Lerner said in the hearing.

Now, Franklin Graham has fired off a letter to the White House.

"Someone in the administration was targeting and attempting to intimidate us. Some would call it un-American," Franklin wrote.

"I believe the president to be a good man but he has some bad people around him and he needs to clean house," Franklin said.