Middle School has Record Setting Amount of Twins

Highcrest Middle School entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the most amount of twins in one school. INSIDE EDITION went to the school to meet all 24 sets of twins.

They're the record setting twins the whole country is talking about.

That's right - 24 sets of twins. And get this! All from the same school. The odds are statistically mind-boggling.

Watch the entire video segment here.

School officials had no idea they had made pop culture history until 11-year-old twins, Luke and Ryan Novosel, glanced through the Guinness Book of World Records and saw the existing school record for twins in the same school was 16 sets.

So they told their mom, Nancy.

"It was just instant excitement. I mean what kid doesn't want to break The Guiness Book of World Records?" Nancy said.

Then, the boys then got principal Dave Palzed of Highcrest Middle School outside Chicago involved.

"How many principals are able to say that they're principal of a world record setting school?" Palzed said.

The principal collected the birth certificates and the school was in the record books.

Three sets of twin boys, eleven sets of twin girls, and ten mixed sets of boy and girl twins. Some twins are identical, others fraternal.

So we just had to ask: do twins really make best friends? We got a resounding "no" from the twins.

But this much is true, 24 sets of twins are truly something to cheer about.