Does Will Smith's New Movie Contain Scientology Messages?

After Earth tanked at the box office and suffered some scathing reviews. Now, some are saying the movie contains many Scientology messages. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

After Earth, starring Will Smith and his son, Jaden, was a big disappointment at the box office as one critic from The Wall Street Journal even asks if it's the worst movie ever made.

The sci-fi blockbuster grossed a disappointing $27 million on it's opening weekend, the lowest in 20 years for a Will Smith movie.

"No human being has set foot on earth for over 1000 years. It's the most inhospitable place in the universe and father and son crash land and are forced to survive," Smith said, describing the plot of the film.

Will Smith came up with the story himself. Now it's claimed the movie is masquerading Scientology propaganda packed with references to the controversial religion.

A volcano features prominently in After Earth. It's also a powerful symbol in Scientology and is on the cover of, Dianetics, the L. Ron Hubbard book that launched the religion.

Will Smith's character also gives his son an audit, a method of counseling straight out of Scientology.

The movie's tagline, "Danger is real, fear is a choice," is from a basic teaching of Scientology.

And the movie's blind monsters who feed on fear are said to be symbols of modern psychiatry, which Scientologists reject.

However, director M. Night Shyamalan disagrees, saying, "It's not a message movie. Just go have a good time."

But the ex-wife of one of Scientology's leaders caught many Scientology references.

"It was Scientology influenced, but I just think it was just a bad movie," Karen de la Carriere said.

Will Smith says he is not a Scientologist, but he does donate money to Scientology and helped fund a Scientology school.

After Earth is not the first Scientology movie to crash on take-off. In  2000, John Travolta's Battlefield Earth was also panned as one of the worst movies ever made.