Cast of "Push Girls" Breaking Down Stereotypes

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the cast of Push Girls who are proving that no obstacle is too big to stand in the way of your dreams.

They're sexy, single, dating and they're also in wheelchairs.

Season two of Push Girls, a reality series on the Sundance Channel, just premiered.

It follows women like Angela Rockwell, who's struggling to launch her modeling career after a car accident in 2001 left her a quadriplegic.

She's also going through a divorce from actor Dustin Nguyen, best known for his role on 21 Jump Street.

Angela said, "Everybody thinks we have a disability. We don't. One main disability that is out there that everybody deals with is fear."

The show features Angela and her friends, including former hip-hop dancer Auti Angel, as they struggle to lead normal lives after accidents left them wheelchair bound.

And there's 20-year-old Chelsie Hill. She's dating her hunky boyfriend Raymond, who helps her with her wheelchair mishaps.

They say more than anything, they hope to dispel the wheelchair stereotype.

Auti said, "We are hear to spread the message of following your dreams no matter what obstacle comes in your way."