Some Andy Kaufman Fans Believe He Faked His Own Death

After video went viral that some people say is a man resembling late comedian Andy Kaufman, some believe the iconic comic is still alive. INSIDE EDITION spoke to Kaufman's daughter about the rumors.

Andy Kaufman was one of the most famous comedians ever. He was a hit on the iconic show Taxi.

The comedy world was devastated when Kaufman died 30 years ago. But did he really pass away?  

A YouTube video of an older and heavier man has some of Kaufman’s die-hard fans believing he faked his own death and is alive and living in New Mexico. The video was posted on the website, supposedly by a man who claims he’s Kaufman’s relative.

The video is now going viral. The Huffington Post headline reads "The Faithful Who Say He Faked It" and the Daily Mail, "Andy Kaufman Fans Believe He's Alive."

Kaufman was known for his wacky brand of humor including his memorable Mighty Mouse routine on Saturday Night Live.

Jim Carrey even portrayed Kaufman in the film Man on the Moon. Kaufman's death scene was depicted in the movie.

When Kaufman died on May 16, 1984, his death certificate listed his cause of death as cancer. He was just 35.

But like Elvis, who Kaufman loved to impersonate, conspiracy theories sprang up suggesting that Kaufman had faked his death. Now, comes the video. Is it Kaufman walking around the streets?

We showed the video to Andy’s daughter, Maria Colonna.

She said, “Looks like he gained a little weight. Anything is possible. It would be great. It would my dream come true.”

Maria thinks she knows why so many believe he faked his death.

She said "That would be the best prank in the world."

Kaufman was a master prankster as seen in a famous TV "fight" with wrestler Jerry Lawler on David Letterman.

So is this video a hoax?

After all, he did tell people he was going to fake his own death or is it more wishful thinking?

Andy Kaufman would be 64 years old today. His daughter says anything's possible. She said, “I really wish it were true. It would be amazing if he came knocking on the door one day and said ‘I really didn't die, I’m here and I pulled the best prank in the world.’ Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s the case.”