Mom Gives Birth on Desert Highway

During a drive along a remote highway, Lynette Hales went into labor, gave birth to twins. INSIDE EDITION has the remarkable story.

It was pure drama as a mom gave birth to twins on a desert highway 100 miles from the nearest hospital, and she had to fight to save their lives.

The 911 call recorded her frantic words, “I think my baby’s dying! The baby’s lips are blue!” and, “Keep him alive! Keep him alive!”

Lynette Hales and a family friend, Jim Gerber, were rushing to the hospital in Salt Lake City, but the babies wouldn't wait.

911 Operator: Has the water broken yet?
Gerber: No. No. No. Oh my God, the baby's coming out.
911 Operator: The baby's coming out?
Gerber: Yes!

They pulled over close to a giant sculpture known as "The Tree of Life."  But the first twin to arrive wasn't breathing.

911 Operator: Is the baby crying or breathing?
Gerber: Not making noise yet, but the eyes are open.
911 Operator: I'm going to tell you how to give mouth to mouth.
Hales: Breathe for him. He needs air.

Hales said, “He would look up at us, and he would look up at me, and I'm like, ‘I'm not going to let you go. You're going to be here, buddy.’”

As Gerber performed CPR, the second twin was being born.

911 Operator: Is the baby breathing?
Hales: Is the baby breathing?
Gerber: A little bit.

The mom said, “I didn't want him to pass away. I wanted him to be alive. So I was willing him, ‘Darn it, you're going to make it through this man.’”  

State troopers arrived on the scene and cleared the baby's airway with a suction bulb. Mom and the twins were then medically evacuated to the hospital where her husband Jeff rushed to her side.

The babies, JJ and AJ, born ten weeks prematurely, weigh just three pounds each, but they're doing well.

The new mother said, “The most important thing is I've got two beautiful babies that are alive.”