Paris Jackson Possible Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital with reports of a possible overdose and cuts on her wrists. INSIDE EDITION has the breaking story.

Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital today after reports of an apparent suicide attempt.

The 15-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson was taken by ambulance from her home in a community of multi-million dollar mansions near Los Angeles, reportedly, with cuts on her wrist.

We're told that an argument broke out last night when Paris was forbidden to attend a Marilyn Manson concert. She ran to her room and slammed the door.

An ambulance was called at 1:27 in the morning.

We're told that this is not Paris' first suicide attempt, but it is by far the most serious. In a photo taken in April, what appear to be healing scars can be seen on her arm, possibly from an earlier incident.

The stunning news shocked the audience on The Talk as Julie Chen announced on air, "I am very saddened to report that Michael Jackson's 15-year-old daughter, Paris, is in the hospital right now recovering from a reported suicide attempt."

Audible gasps were heard from the studio audience.

Her mother, Debbie Rowe, confirmed that she had tried to take her own life, saying, "She has had a lot going on."

Charlotte Triggs from People magazine told INSIDE EDITION, "As of recently, Paris had been on the cheerleading squad in high school. She seemed fairly happy. Nobody had any indication that there was such a serious problem."

A spokesman for Katherine Jackson, Michael's mom, said, "She has suffered with the loss of her father but we don't know what she was exposed to that precipitated this."

Overnight, Paris had posted strange messages on her Twitter page. One said: "I wonder why tears are salty?"

Another was a quote from The Beatles song "Yesterday," which Paris quoted the lyrics: "Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they're here to stay."

Could they be cries for help?

She also recently posted this about Kurt Cobain, the legendary rocker who died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in 1994: "Kurt Cobain is Jesus."

But Paris seemed in good spirits just a couple of days ago when she posted a video on YouTube showing fans how she achieves her signature look. It was shot in her bedroom in the same house where her reported suicide attempt took place.