Is Spotlight Too Much For Paris Jackson?

Born into a life that is anything but typical, has the pressure of fame and the complications that accompany it proven too much for Paris Jackson? INSIDE EDITION looks at the teen's complicated life.

When we saw Paris Jackson just days ago, she looked like a typical teenager, providing makeup tips from her bedroom.

Now, after reports of her shocking suicide attempt, her late father's worst fears appear to be coming true—that she would be overwhelmed by fame and celebrity.

Michael Jackson kept his young children's faces covered in masks so the public wouldn't know what they looked like.

We met Paris for the first time when she memorably broke down in tears at her father's funeral.

Psychologist Wendy Walsh told INSIDE EDITION, "The loss of a parent is probably one of the gravest mental events that can happen to any human being. And the fact that it was her only parent at the time, probably made it that much more so. This little girl's world fell apart."

The Jackson kids then appeared more frequently in public—like at a Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, and they became prime targets for the paparazzi.

It looked like 15-year-old Paris was trying to live a normal life, cheerleading in high school and playing flag football. But behind-the-scenes there was growing tension in the Jackson family over Michael's huge estate.

Surveillance video showed Paris in a confrontation with her aunt, Janet Jackson, at the family's Los Angeles home.

And now, Paris may be called as a witness at the $40 billion lawsuit the Jackson family has brought against the promoters of her dad's This Is It tour.

On the stand, Paris would have to relive the worst moment of her life—the night her father died, which has its four year anniversary this month.

"The anniversary of your father's death, a death that was traumatic is probably really, really hurting her at this time," said Walsh.

And on top of everything else, her mother, Debbie Rowe, is now entering Paris' life for the first time.

Walsh added, "It's so understandable. This is a child. She deserves parental love."

It all may have been too much for Paris Jackson, just as her dad had feared.