Disgraced Teacher Says She is "Without Excuse"

The teacher who was fired after cell phone video surfaced of her beating up a student is apologizing for her actions. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

"I would also like to apologize to each and every one of you."

It's an emotional apology from the disgraced teacher caught on video beating up a 13-year-old student

"And I am very regretful, and sorry that this incident has ever occurred," said Sherri Davis. "I am without excuse for my actions."
Davis broke her silence about the savage beating that has outraged the nation. In the cell phone video taken by a student, the 40-year-old science teacher is seen in attack mode, ready to pounce, as she backs a 13-year-old student into a corner. She drags the boy across the floor and slaps and kicks him relentlessly.

"This has been a painful situation, an incident I truly regret," Davis added.
She looked solemn in a blue button down shirt and navy blazer. From her buttoned up appearance it's hard to believe that she's the same menacing woman in the horrifying video.

In her written statement, the mother of two boys thanked her loved ones for standing by her side.

"To my family and to my friends, you've done a great job in showing what unconditional love is really about."

The brutal attack took place in April. Just after the video surfaced Davis was fired, and now faces a criminal investigation. Isaiah Reagins and his family announced that they are suing the teacher and the charter school where the brutal beating took place.

Davis spoke directly to the schools student and faculty: "To the staff at Jamie's House and the students I miss you all and appreciate your words of support."

Thanks to the shocking beating, Davis is left with a lifetime of regret: "If I could go back again, I would do things much, much differently," she said.