Paris Jackson: What Her Digital Life Could Tell Us

INSIDE EDITION looks at clues from footage of Paris Jackson that could indicate she's been hurting emotionally for some time.

Could Paris Jackson's digital world contain clues to how darkness descended on her life?

The 15-year-old is remarkably open in the 41 videos posted to her YouTube channel, which she named Paris Jackson World. In her latest makeup tutorial, Paris states, "I need serious help, I'm crazy, I am crazy."

We showed the videos to psychologist Dr. Wendy Walsh who said:
"'Thanks for wasting your time on me,' really shows me a kind of low self-esteem, that she really thinks that she's worthless."

In this 20-minute video posted just days before Paris' attempted suicide, she teaches her viewers how to achieve her look. She talks about her hairstyle, about which Dr. Walsh commented, "Generally when I see a dramatic, sudden hair change, it indicates to me that something has changed internally."

Like so many teens, Paris also used the hot video app Vine to share six-second snapshots of her life.

Then, there is a montage of Paris at the exclusive Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Paris said that she was the victim of bullying at the school. "Some people try to cyber-bully me, they try to get to me with words but that doesn't really work," Paris said. She tried to fit in by joining the cheerleading squad.

Paris is reportedly in the middle of final exams, but she has been looking ahead to a career in acting, a dream that started early for Michael Jackson's only daughter.

Paris' love for her dad is evident all over her YouTube channel. You can see her decorating her room with pictures of him  and there is a collection of photos of Paris edited into shots of young Michael.

In a darker moment from Paris' digital life she posted a shot to Instagram that appears to show cutting scars on her arm.

"Cutting is always seen as a sign of depression, as a sign of trying to stimulate yourself and block emotional pain," Dr. Walsh said.

The online diary of a famous teen, struggling before the eyes of the world.