Esther Williams Dies at 91

Aquatic screen legend, Esther Williams, died peacefully at her home at age 91. INSIDE EDITION looks back at her legendary career.

Esther Williams was America's mermaid and became a cultural icon thanks to beautifully choreographed technicolor pool scenes.

She died in her sleep at her home in Los Angeles Thursday at age 91.

An Olympic swimmer who was discovered by Hollywood, America also became captivated by her private life.

She was married four times, including to actor Fernando Lamas. Today, her stepson Lorenzo Lamas tweeted: "My stepmom Esther Williams passed peacefully this morning. The best swim teacher and soul mom. RIP."

Her aquatic skills touched generations of fans. Scenes from the movie Easy To Love, inspired the popular 1980 Go-Go's music video, "Vacation."

Esther Williams was the queen of MGM during the golden age of Hollywood movie musicals.

To the current generation, her aquation scenes may seem old fashioned and, well, maybe even a little goofy. But no one can deny the magic she brought to the silver screen.

Esther Williams once said when she died she wanted to come back as a real mermaid. She also had a line of swimsuits that are still popular today. She will be missed.