Baseball Umpire Strikes Out For Spitting Gum Onto Field

Major League umpire Jordan Baker is becoming the face of shame in baseball for continuously spitting his gum onto the field. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Wild booing ensued at a ball game at Petco Park in San Diego. The target was umpire Jordan Baker. But all the anger isn't over a bad call, it's because of the umpire's gross habit of tossing large wads of gum onto the field.

One fan was so disgusted, he videotaped the umpir doing the dirty deed and posted it on YouTube. In the video, the umpire allegedly throws 19 pieces of gum onto the field.

And it isn't long before hecklers jump into the fray yelling things like, "don't step in the gum" and "watch out for the gum, sweetheart!"

The gross gum toss went on all season and got so bad that the announcer of an Arizona vs St. Louis game called the umpire out on national television!

"What you see out there in shallow left field are wads of bubble gum that 3rd base umpire, Jordan Baker, apparently has adopted as his tradition and his salute to major league baseball. Every half inning he goes out there and spits his gum in left field," the announcer said in his broadcast.

Fans are really getting disgusted. One website actually circled a staggering 22 wads of gum that the ump left behind after one game, turning the field of dreams into a field of yuck.