Film Director Tom Shadyac Giving Away Millions

INSIDE EDITION sat down with film director Tom Shadyac to hear why he's giving away his millions and choosing a simpler life.

Ace Ventura and Bruce Almighty put director Tom Shadyac on the A list, making him one of Hollywood's highest paid directors. But Shadyac has given away just about everything.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked Shadyac, "You probably, you could have earned $75 million."

"Yeah, well I probably did. Yeah," said Shadyac.

"And you've given virtually all of it away?" asked Moret.

"I will," he answered.

So why did Shadyac give away his mansion and glamorous Hollywood lifestyle?

After he got a concussion in a bicycle accident in 2007 he decided to simplify his life.

"i've got like six T-shirts. I haven't bought clothes in 10 years," he said. 

He even turned down a multi-million dollar fee for his next film, shocking the producers by asking only for the Directors Guild minimum of $250,000.

Moret said, "People will say you're crazy."

"It was a seven figure sum and I said, 'I am good. Thank you. I'd like to reverse that and negotiate for less," Shadyac.
Now Shadyac is putting his philosophy to paper in a new book "Life's Operating Manual."

INSIDE EDITION was with Shadyac at a book signing in Los Angeles. He says don't call him crazy. He says it was his old lifestyle that was nuts.
"I only want whatever I need to lead a life of meaningful purpose and joy."

To read an excerpt from Life's Operating Manual, click on Download PDF below.