President Obama Defends Collecting Verizon Phone Records

As the heated debate grows over the government collecting millions of Americans' phone records, President Obama defends the security program. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's George W. Obama.

The Huffington Post blended the faces of President Obama and former President George W. Bush to create a kind of eerie composite.
The controversial photo was a hot topic on the morning shows:

On CBS This Morning, Gayle King said, "If you look at it you can see both of them easily."

Al Roker said on the Today show, "He's a good looking man...the combo."

The government's controversial eavesdropping program is coming under a lot of scrutiny from everyone, inlcuding the late night comics.

Jimmy Fallon joked, "There's a new report that's saying the government's been secretly collecting the phone records of Verizon customers since April. I knew something was up when I was like, 'You hang up first' and my wife said, 'No, you hang up first' and then Obama was like, 'How about just hang up at the same time.' "

Jay Leno joked on the Tonight Show, "You see, when I was growing up we were always afraid of Big Brother watching us. Now with Obama, we actually have a brother, watching us."

But Bill O'Reilly didn't find it so funny, saying on Fox News, "You're telling me that can't happen here? Absolutely can happen! So, for example, some conservative Senator calls Trixie at the hot licks massage parlor, guess who knows it? And guess who can put it out any time they want?"

President Obama spoke today defending the program:

"You can't have 100 percent security and also then have 100 percent privacy," said the president.