Young Girls in the Middle of "Single Ladies" Dance Controversy Talk to Good Morning America

The little girls who danced that "Single Ladies" dance routine made their first appearance since the controversy began. INSIDE EDITION has more.

They're the 8- and 9-year-old girls at the heart of an uproar because of their provocative dance to Beyoncé's "Single Ladies".

It's the girls' first appearance since the controversy sparked a national debate. They are sweet and innocent, and apparently unaffected by the firestorm.

"Usually we try to put 120 percent in. And even more, like 220," one of the girls told Good Morning America.

The morning show's cameras found the girls at dance class in Placentia, California.

"People are taking it out of context in that these are dance moves, not sexual moves," one of the mothers, Melissa Presch, told INSIDE EDITION about the controversy.

INSIDE EDITION's exclusive interviews with two of the girls' parents is drawing reaction from viewers across the country. "As a mother of a soon-to-be-8-year-old I find that dance irresponsible!" said one e-mail. Another mom wrote, "The girls should have been covered more." But yet another viewer said: "Those are some very talented dancers. I only wish my 8-year-old daughter could dance like that!" There was more support for the girls on our Facebook page: "I would complain if they were going out down the street every day dressed like that, but they were doing a contest."

So, what does Beyonce herself have to say about the controversy? She's on vacation and won't comment. Her rep tells INSIDE EDITION, "She is officially off."