A New Superman For A New Era

Man of Steel is one of the most anticpated movies of the summer. How does Henry Cavill stack up to previous Supermen? INSIDE EDITION takes a look.

Anticipation is building for the new Superman movie.

Man of Steel opens this Friday and the buzz is positive. The New York Post says "It's not your father's Man of Steel."

Superman is Henry Cavill and he's British. The movie is being called darker than any previous version of the beloved all-American story. This Superman wears a scruffy beard, and he’s super-buff. No need for padding either. Cavill worked out for several months to get into muscle-bulging superhero shape.   

He said, “Love the new look. It's definitely an evolution of the suit. I love the fact it is from Krypton. It's like an alien body glove and alien technology."

So, how does this Superman compare to the others?

In the 50's, there was actor George Reeves from the classic TV series. Then came Christopher Reeve's enduring take on the superhero. On TV, Dean Cain gave it a go in the 90's in Lois & Clark followed by Tom Welling in Smallville. Brandon Routh played him just once, in 2006's Superman Returns.

These supermen of the past all wore tight red briefs. Not the new Man of Steel. He's going for a more stream-lined look.

Cavill said, “Going to the lavatory wasn't the easiest thing.”

So, who's the fan favorite?

In an online poll, INSIDE EDITION viewers voted overwhelmingly for Christopher Reeve. He got 58% of the vote, followed by George Reeves who got 20% of the vote and Dean Cain came in third with 10% of the vote.

Superman still has Lois Lane to rescue. She's been played by Margot Kidder, Teri Hatcher and Kate Bosworth, among others. In Man of Steel, Amy Adams is Lois. She's also credited with giving Clark Kent the name, Superman.