Grandma Opens Fire On Home Intruder

A 72-year-old grandmother says she opened fire on an intruder and her expletive-laced 911 call is gaining attention. INSIDE EDITION spoke to the woman about the incident.

It's 72 year-old granny Jan Cooper and she's got a gun.

Jan was home with her Rottweiler and her wheel chair bound husband, when she heard someone trying to break in.

Moret asked, “Were you afraid for your life?”

She said, “Oh absolutely. It is a very fearful thing.”

In the dramatic 911 call she told the operator, “They are definitely trying to get over the gate.”

Jan let the operator know that she had a gun and was prepared to use it.

She told the operator, “I also have a loaded weapon.  
911 operator: “Do you have it with you?”  
Jan: “Absolutely.”  
911 operator: “What kind of gun is it?”
Jan: .357 two-and-a-half inch magnum. I do know how to use it.”

911 operator: “Uh oh. I have no idea what's happening but I don't like the sound of that dog.”
Jan: “They're in our yard. I'm firing.”

Gun fire could be heard in the 911 recording and then Jan said, “Back up you son of a bitch, back up! Get the hell out of here! Get your butt out, now!”

Jan told Moret, “I did not give them any warning. I figured the dog barking was warning enough.”

Jan's shot missed but the alleged intruder, 31 year old Brandon Perez, he was caught by deputies.  
The operator told Jan, “The deputies are there. I need you to put down the gun ok? “

Jan said, “The gun is down.”

Jan told Moret, "He has no idea how lucky he was to walk away from my property and not be carried away."

Jan was shocked when she heard her own voice on the 911 tape. She describes herself a low-key and soft spoken. Her husband was surprised too.

Jan said, “He said, 'I never heard you talk like that.'”

Sheriff spokesperson Jim Amormino said she did the right thing.

He said, “There is no question by the way she sounded on that 911 tape that she was in terror. She did the right thing and I am proud of her."

So, does granny regret opening fire?

She said, “I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

The suspect, a parolee living not far away, has pled not guilty.