Could An Ex-Cop Be The New Drew Peterson?

A judge just found a former cop guilty of killing his wife and making it look like suicide. Some are saying he is the new Drew Peterson. INSIDE EDITION takes a look.

Could one ex-cop be the new Drew Peterson?

A Kansas jury just found Brett Seacat guilty of shooting his wife and trying to make her death look like suicide.  

He set their house on fire and made a frantic 911 call, "There's a fire, and my wife is -- she shot herself, but she's in the fire. I'm gonna have to go upstairs and try and get her out."

Prosecutors say Seacat used his experience in law enforcement to plot the murder. A video shows him as a sheriff's deputy tasering an unruly suspect in court.

Seacat was enraged because his wife, Vashti, planned to divorce him and take custody of their two sons, ages two and four.

We spoke to her sister Kathleen and brother Rich, who are elated by the guilty verdict.

Kathleen said, "Everybody that talked to him knew he did it. Even my little daughter, everybody knew he did it."

Brett Seacat is drawing eerie comparisons to the notorious Drew Peterson.  

You'll remember Peterson is the former Illinois police sergeant now serving 38 years in prison for drowning his ex-wife in the bathtub and making it look like an accident. Rob Lowe played him in a Lifetime movie.

At his trial, Seacat took the stand in his own defense, claiming his wife suffered severe bouts of depression.  

Her brother Rich said, “It was a well thought-out crime.”

Seacat testified that his wife was the one who set their home on fire before shooting herself in the head. But photos of Seacat taken the night of the murder show he had no burns on his body, despite claiming he tried to pull his wife from the burning house.

The prosecutor said, “You killed your wife, didn't you?”

Seacat replied, “No, ma'am.”

The prosecutor said, “You shot her in the head.”

Seacat replied, “Impossible.”

His wife's family says Seacat made threats that he would destroy her if she ever left him.

Kathleen said, "She did feel fearful, but in her mind she felt nothing would happen if she had the children."

They say justice has now been served on another ex-cop who thought he could get away with murder.