Husband Accidentally Sells Wife's Wedding Ring At Garage Sale

A husband thought he was doing a good thing, selling old possessions at a yard sale.  Unfortunately, unbeknownst to him his wife's wedding ring was in the belongings. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

One guy is so in the dog house. He mistakenly sold his wife's $23,000 wedding ring for $10.

Raquel Cloutier had slipped off her diamond ring because she was about to have a baby.

She said, “I was going to the hospital and I knew they wouldn't allow you wear any jewelry.”

For safe-keeping, she hid the ring in an old watch box in her husband Eric’s closet. Raquel gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Asher. But as she recuperated at the hospital, her neighbors held their annual garage sale. Eric figured he'd do a little house cleaning and the old watch box was sold for $10.

Raquel came home from the hospital a few days later.

She said, “I went to the closet where I had put the ring and I said, ‘Eric where is the box?’ He said, ‘I sold it!’ I said, ‘You sold it? What do you mean you sold it?’

He said, “She was very upset, she was crying. Who's going to put a ring in a box?”

Raquel was devastated and reached out to the local TV stations in Los Angeles to appeal for the return of her ring.

Sure enough, the couple that bought the watch box, Andrew and Alyssa Lossou saw Raquel on TV.

It was just Raquel’s good luck that Andrew is a man of faith, he's a Christian minister.

Andrew said, "We immediately e-mailed them and said, 'Hey we have your ring, we want to get it back to you.'"

INSIDE EDITION was there when the ring was returned.

 Andrew said, “So we have your ring!”

Raquel responded, “I know! I’m so excited. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited, you have no idea, thank you guys so much.”

Eric can breathe easy again his garage sale goof is forgiven.

Raquel said, “I'm overwhelmed. I couldn't have dreamed of a better ending.”