Dangerous Pool Stunts Can Cause Serious Injury

With summer upon us, people are out having around the pool but some people’s version of fun can be dangerous. INSIDE EDITION has a shocking story of what not to do around the pool.

Are extremely dangerous stunts becoming the new right of passage for American teens?   All over the internet, kids are posting videos of themselves jumping from roofs into pools. Kids on spring break have been doing it from hotel balconies.    

One video shows a kid that looks to be about 12-years-old. Another video shows a daredevil that makes it by mere inches, and he was going head first into an above ground pool.

Some jumps are elaborate multi-camera shoots. One young man has a camera mounted on a stick that he carries as he jumps.

Along with the videos of jumpers making it, there are also scenes of serious injuries. Last month, 19-year-old Nicole Easton's life changed in a split second when she jumped from the roof of her home in Phoenix.

Her mother posted the video online, but had a warning for people because of how difficult it is to watch.

"Yes, we have video of the accident," she wrote. "They never expected the jump to go wrong. WARNING the video is graphic. I wish I never watched it."  

In the video, Nicole's friend goes first and he makes it without getting hurt.

You can hear Nicole is nervous; she doesn't want to do it.

The man behind the camera is egging her and her girlfriend on, and they jump.   

Nicole broke both her ankles and bones in both feet, all for a stupid stunt she will regret forever.