Joan Rivers Takes Over E! Network For Her 80th Birthday

Joan Rivers' 80th birthday is shaping up to be all about Joan. INSIDE EDITION spoke with the comedienne who will celebrate this milestone by doing a week-long take over of the E! network.

That was not Kim Kardashian in another skin tight maternity dress, it was actually Joan Rivers.

The comedienne dressed up like the pregnant reality TV star to celebrate her 80th birthday. Joan does a pretty good job pulling off the look, complete with long black wig and fake baby bump.

Fergie, sporting her own growing baby bump, stopped by Fashion Police.  The pop singer has been the target of many of Joan’s infamous attacks. The 38-year-old singer hit Joan right in the kisser with a cake. Talk about sweet revenge.

All the hijinx are part of Joan’s week-long birthday celebration. She actually took over the E! network. 

INSIDE EDITION'S Jim Moret sat down with Rivers. He said,  "You turn 80 and all they give you is a network."

Rivers said, "They gave it to me because it's free. They said, what can we give her that she'll like, but it won't cost us a nickel?"

And things got really wild. Joan even dared E! News host Giuliana Rancic to deliver the news in the nude. 

Rancic delivered, saying, "It's Joan Rivers. I had to do it! It’s her birthday and the whole thing, so you know. But the network made me stick the whole "censored" thing before me."

She might be 80, but the comedic legend is as edgy and funny as ever!

Moret asked her, “What has turning 80 meant for you?”

Rivers replied, "It meant that I can't get near my birthday cake because I’m scared my face will melt."