Sunshine Couple Goes Viral

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the adorable elderly couple who are still singing after all these years together.

It's the heartwarming video that's bringing people to tears all over the world.

An ailing elderly man asks his wife of 66 years to come a little closer so they can sing their favorite song to each other.

86-year-old Jim Pinegar broke his hip in a fall. His grandson videotaped this loving moment between Jim and his wife, Colleen.

Linda Whitaker is their daughter.

"It's been amazing to witness their great love," Linda said.

Nearly a million people have seen the video online, many leaving comments like, " this brought me to tears," "they're the cutest couple ever," and, "I wish I was this much in love."

People will also be happy to hear that Jim Pinegar is out of the hospital and doing well.

They welcomed INSIDE EDITION into their Utah home.

"We're actually responding to this request to provide this interview in the hopes that it might make some lives better and happier," Jim said. "And we do not view ourselves as the big example or as this is the way to do it. It's just been sweet for us. We know how to be happy."

Jim and Colleen agreed to sing us the song that's made them an internet sensation, "You Are My Sunshine."

Jim told us that Colleen really is his sunshine and has been since the 10th grade.

"We're just blessed to be together and we marvel it. That we met. I sing a little song, sometimes, 'Some enchanted evening you may see a stranger across a crowded room.' And that's how I saw her," Jim said.