Parents Say Their Teen Daughter Was Humiliated By TSA Agent

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the upset parents of a teenager who claim that a TSA agent humiliated her at LAX because of what she was wearing.

"Cover yourself!" That's what a TSA officer told this 15-year-old, according to the humiliated teen.

She says she was wearing leggings, a flannel shirt, and a tank top that revealed just a tiny bit of midriff when she claims a TSA officer scolded her.

Sarina Frauenfelder's outraged parents, Mark and Carla, spoke to INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret.

Carla said, "I hate to say it, but he must have somehow been attracted to something about her and turned it around and wanted to blame her for his feelings."

Moret asked, "Does it give you the creeps as a mom to think of a TSA agent even commenting on your daughter?"

Carla said, "Absolutely. Absolutely. It's so wrong and inappropriate and unprofessional."

Sarina was headed to Seattle to see a few colleges when she encountered the TSA agent at Los Angeles International Airport. She texted her parents about what she says happened.

Carla read Sarina's text which said, "She said, 'He was working at the booth where you say your name and age and stuff. He kept mumbling stuff and kept glaring at me, and finally I said, 'What?' Then he said all the rude stuff.'"

Sarina says the officer went on the attack. "You’re only 15, cover yourself." Sarina called her parents from Seattle while we were there.

She said, "He had no right to say that to me. Like I'm a 15-year-old girl. He's like a guy. Like he's a man. It was just weird and like it's not his place or his job."

Her dad, a magazine editor, blogged about the incident, posting a photo of what Sarina was wearing with the words, "It's none of his business to tell girls what they should or should not wear. His creepy thoughts are his own problem, and he shouldn't use his position of authority as an excuse to humiliate a girl and blame her for his sick attitude."

Mark said, "He probably wouldn't have said anything if she had been with us. Here is his opportunity to be abusive and harass a teenage girl. It is completely inappropriate."