Justin Bieber Hits Photographer

Justin Bieber has another incident behind the wheel of his car—this time hitting a photographer. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

There’s more drama for Justin Bieber at the wheel of his infamous white Ferrari.

A photographer goes flying as Bieber pulls away from the curb.

The incident happened as Bieber left a club on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles with a buddy around midnight.

Bieber climbed over from the passenger side into the driver's seat. Then he gunned the engine, and as he pulled away, the photographer was knocked to the side and sent spinning.

His camera was still lodged on the front of the Ferrari as Bieber drove away.

Cops were called, but they say the photographer should not have been in the street.

Bieber and the Ferrari have hit the headlines before.

Former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson, a resident of the swanky gated community where Bieber lives, recently complained, "He treats our streets like it's the Indy 500."

At least at the Indy, the photographers don't get this close to the cars.