Sky-High Scare for Ashley Olsen

It was a sky-high scare for Ashley Olsen and the 110 other passengers and crewmembers who were aboard a Unite Airlines flight from New York to Los Angeles when a fire broke out in the cockpit. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Ashley Olsen had a sky-high scare over the weekend. The star was onboard a plane forced to make an emergency landing after a flash fire broke out in the cockpit.

Olsen was traveling with her boyfriend, The Hangover star Justin Bartha, on the United Airlines flight from New York to Los Angeles. The plane was diverted to Dulles International Airport outside Washington, D.C. for an emergency landing.

30 minutes into the flight, passengers began smelling an electrical burning odor. That's when they saw flames burning in the cockpit. A passenger darted from the back of the plane with a fire extinguisher and put out the fire, but the plane's windshield was badly cracked and the pilots couldn't see.

Photos taken by a passenger onboard the plane show fire trucks and emergency vehicles meeting the aircraft as it landed. Uniformed firemen rushed onboard to examine the burned cockpit.

Olsen and the other 110 passengers and crew members were safely evacuated   

Actress Pamela Adlon from Showtime's Californication was also on the frightening flight. So was Jarrod Spector, star of Broadway's Jersey Boys. Passenger Phil Lobel, a well-known Hollywood publicist, called it a "harrowing experience."  

A rep for Olsen says she is "okay" after the high flying drama.