Teenage Girl Crafts A Million Dollar Idea

Summer is here and one young entrepreneur could not be happier. She just made a million dollars with her own line of flip-flops. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the teenager who crafted a fashion sensation.

Like millions of teenagers, you can find 15-year-old Maddie Robinson at the mall. The only difference here—Maddie is checking in on her own line of kids shoes. They're called “Fish Flops” and sales have just passed $1 million.

She old INSIDE EDITION, “Now, we are in big stores.”

Maddie was just eight when she came up with the idea for fish flops. She showed a drawing to her father.

He said, "She brought me these sketches of an outline of a flip-flop and it had a little squid on them. When she handed it to me she said, 'Hey dad, look, fish-flops.' I just had a moment, chills all over my body, and I said, 'Oh my gosh, I think you are onto something baby.'"

And soon, people were buying the flip flops with the fishy theme and the blinking lights but Maddie wanted more.

She said, “I wrote a letter to the buyer of Nordstrom and I thought this would be a letter just passing through. She wouldn't even read it. She took the time and she read it.”

Before they knew it, orders were pouring in.

She said, “I never thought that would happen.”

Now, they're hoping to branch out into other products.

"School supplies, lunch boxes, backpacks, anything like that," she said.

Dad isn’t letting Maddie splurge just yet. They're putting the profits back into the business. Maddie thinks they've hit on something big.

He said, “I am pretty sure it is getting to that point that my college is paid for.”

And all because of a little idea one daughter shared with her dad at breakfast.