Moving Day For Kanye And Kim

Kim Kardashian is moving to a new neighborhood! INSIDE EDITION found out where the star is calling home, and then talked to the Kardashian's former nanny to get the scoop.

It's moving day for Kim Kardashian. A truck was spotted in front of her Beverly Hills home where workers were taking away large boxes. 

They’re moving into an $11 million mansion in Bel Air with five bedrooms. Their neighbors include Jennifer Aniston and Chef Gordon Ramsay.

The house was reportedly bought in the names of Kim and her boyfriend Kanye West. It's quite a beautiful home in which to raise her new baby girl.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent spoke with Kim's former nanny, who helped raise the Kardashian girls for five years.

Trent asked, “What sort of mom do you think Kim is going to be, and what kind of help will she get from her family?”

“I think Kim is going to be a great mom. She's been waiting a long time to be a mom,” replied the nanny. “Their family has always been close knit and I see everybody just being a part of this baby's life, which I think is awesome!”