Smoking Alcohol: A Dangerous New Trend

Medical professionals are sending a warning sign to anyone taking part in the new trend of smoking alcohol that it's a sure way to kill yourself. INSIDE EDITION reports.

This guy got drunk without sipping a drop. He actually smoked the alcohol. You heard right, smoking!

It's fast becoming a dangerous new trend: young adults inhaling alcohol instead of drinking it.

Dozens of videos on the internet show people inhaling to get inebriated.

Some people mix dry ice and vodka, making a bubbling cauldron of vapor that's inhaled.

One guy poured beer into a water bottle, filled it with air from a bicycle pump, and huffed his Budweiser like a bong.
Unlike drinking wine or liquor, smoking bypasses the liver and sends the alcohol straight to the brain getting users instantly drunk, and with no calories.    

But just how dangerous is it? We spoke to Beverly Hills psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy to hear the dangers of this new trend.

"Smoking alcohol and doing it in this fashion is definitely a way to kill yourself," Dr. Sophy said.

Dr. Sophy tells Inside Edition that smoking alcohol leads to rapid intoxication, which could be deadly.

"When your body knows you've had too much alcohol 'cause you're drinking it, you'll vomit. Your brain can't vomit," he said.

It's a trend doctors hope will soon fade, because smoking alcohol is like playing with fire.